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Crosswalk Community Church is a warm and welcoming community learning to love God, to love His church, and to love His world. Anchored by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit, we desire to glorify God in all that we do.

We Love God

Through faithful worship and the study of the Scriptures, we seek to know God more deeply and to grow in our love for him. In worship God forms our desires. We, therefore, gather weekly to pray together, sing together, confess our sin together, hear His Word together, and share in the Lord’s Table together. By following this pattern on Sunday, we seek to shape our affections the other six days of the week.

We Love His Church

God has made us not only for relationship to Him, but also for relationship to one another. In Jesus, the church is bonded together as one, a reconstituted family (a community) called to a life lived together. At Crosswalk, we are passionate about living out this shared life, encouraging one another, serving and caring for those in need, and strengthening families.

We Love His World

As followers of Jesus, we are called to join in God’s mission in Knoxville and the world. God’s mission is to redeem and restore the world through the advancement of the Gospel. When people encounter Jesus, alive and ruling as king, they catch a glimpse of His coming eternal kingdom. Because this mission pervades the entire life of a believer, every Christian is to be an agent for the kingdom of God and is to carry that mission into every sphere of life. For this reason, we provide opportunities for people to build meaningful relationships in the community, serve those in need, and share the good news of Christ with a watching world.

We Are Evangelical, Presbyterian

Crosswalk is a member of the Evangelical Presybterian Church (EPC).

“Evangelical” comes from the Greek word for “gospel” or “good news.” This is a reference to the core of Christianity, one that transcends nations and geopolitics. To be evangelical is to believe that Jesus is God’s eternal Son and the only way of being made right with God. The Gospel is that Jesus became flesh and lived the righteous life we are to live but do not; died to atone for the sins of sinners; and rose from the dead to give new life to His people. We receive this good news through repentance of sin and faith in the finished work of Jesus. Such good news empowers us then to love God, to love our neighbors, and to share this good news with all people.

“Presbyterian,” comes from the Greek word for “elder.” This name is used because Christ, the Head of the Church, has called elders—elected by the congregation—to oversee, care, and govern the local church. The Presbyterian denomination has its roots in Scotland, where the teachers of the European Reformation, particularly John Calvin, had gained substantial influence in the 16th century. These early protestant churches in Scotland and England referred to themselves as Presbyterians.

We Are Confessional

Along with our denomination, we affirm the truths of the historic, orthodox Christian faith as revealed in Scripture and summarized in the Essentials of our Faith. We also understand the historic protestant reformed confessions and catechisms of the church (like the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms) to be concise and reliable summaries of Biblical truth. To be sure, we affirm that such summaries and confessions, while useful for the church, are subordinate to the Bible in their authority.