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Warm & Welcoming

If you were to ask anyone in our church what they love the most, they will tell you about our warmth as a people. We are a gracious and welcoming community and it is our joy to open the door and let folks in. With us, you will find a casual atmosphere with a serious commitment to honor God in our worship.

We do not want you to pretend to be anything other than yourself when you come. We simply desire that you come as you are and be blessed in your time with us. There is no particular expectation on how to dress, for the Lord is more concerned about the heart. Among the people, you will find that the dress ranges from suits and dresses to jeans and shorts.

Family Friendly

Because children have a special place in the heart of God, they have a special place in our church! We desire to serve your family well during your time at Crosswalk Community Church. We are intentional in our time with our children. Even the youngest among us can begin to learn of the love and promises of our great God. For the youngest children among us, we provide a class during the worship service. Our elementary kids begin in the worship service with the adults and then during the service have a class specifically geared toward their particular needs. And of course, we are happy to have children in our worship service at anytime, so please feel all freedom to keep your kids with you during the service.

We count it a great honor to serve your children and thus we take seriously the safety of every child. Our volunteers have received training regarding our child protection policies, along with our goals for a God-centered, child-welcoming ministry. We have a two-person rule, never leaving children out of sight, one-on-one with a non-custodial adult. We ensure all children are properly checked in and out of their classrooms.


When believers gather, we sing “hymns and spiritual songs” (Ephesians 5:19) that remind us of God’s glory and bear witness to His actions in history. We believe that as the congregation sings over the course of many years, it will strengthen our faith, increase our joy in worship, and please God who delights in us.

Click here for a playlist of songs we enjoy!