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At Crosswalk Community Church, we are driven by a deep conviction that God works in the lives of children. God has made children with the capacity to understand the amazing truths of God. Therefore, we make it our aim not to simply entertain kids or keep them out of the way, but to engage and instruct them that they may know God and love Him with their whole heart.

We Value the Word of God

God’s Word drives our ministry to children. We teach the Scriptures because our ministry rises and falls on the power of God working by His Spirit through His Word to change our lives! We teach the Bible because in it we discover the Creator of the universe, the Keeper of Promises, the Rescuer of sinners, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We teach God’s Word because He will give understanding to our children at just the right time and in just the right way. And we teach the Scriptures because God has first taught us, and has called us, His people, to teach the coming generations.

We Value Family

We believe that parents are the primary shepherds of their home. Most often, the Gospel is deeply rooted in the heart of children through parents in the context of family life and relationships. For this reason, we desire to not only bless the children of Crosswalk, but also their parents. We want to equip, support, and encourage the entire family through sacred friendship, safe programming, and faithful instruction.

We Value Grace

We want our kids to encounter the extraordinary grace of God, which is often so clearly seen in the face of human sin. We believe that every moment is a sacred moment, that every story, conversation, activity, and prayer is an opportunity to lead a child one step closer to life with Christ. We love to lavish grace on our kids when they’re in our care as a means to point them to Jesus and the grace He lavishes on us. 

We Value the Hearts of Children

God is concerned not only with our actions, but also with the heart—our desires, our beliefs, our intentions. We are mindful that only God can soften hearts and show our precious children who He is. And so, as we plan, we pray. As we serve, we pray. And as we develop relationships with the children we encounter, we pray