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Find Unexpected Joy & Purpose In Jesus

Life is messy. People are broken. There is joy and purpose in Jesus and a place for you at CrossWalk Community Church.

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A Loving Community

Crosswalk Community Church is a warm and welcoming community growing in love.

Our love grows out from the fact that we follow a loving God. We do not pretend to have it all together. We confess that we are a deeply flawed and broken people without hope except in God’s lovingkindness. We find hope not by increased efforts or means of escape, but by resting upon the finished work of Jesus. It brings us great joy to know that in Jesus we have the fullness of God’s pleasure shining upon us. Because of this, we make it our purpose to live a life pleasing to Him–a life of loving God, loving his church, and loving his world.

See what’s happening this month to help you grow deeper in your faith.

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